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Digital Marketing

Internet usage has grown significantly over the past decade. According to the Internet World Stats, as of June 2019, close to 89.4% of Americans are online today and that number is steadily on the rise.


With more people shopping online and e-commerce flourishing by a staggering 23% year on year, businesses are taking into cognizance the importance of connecting with their customers where they spend a considerable amount of their time – on the internet. That is why in this age of digitization, digital marketing is the key to brands advancing their trajectory of success.

At The Digital Marketing Mom, we fuel innovation by employing powerful marketing strategies to draw in more customers to your virtual doorstep. By designing a highly customized and dynamic digital marketing campaign to create a strong online presence for your brand, we will not just help you survive the competition, but also thrive in it.


So, if you want to advance the trajectory of your business, get in touch with us today.


Gift your business the tools it needs to scale that ladder of success, faster.

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing refers to marketing or advertising products and services across various online platforms and electronic devices. Businesses employ digital channels like social media platforms, search engines, websites, emails, and mobile applications to speak to their target demographic and draw in more traffic to their virtual doorstep.


While there is an array of marketing strategies that constitute digital marketing, the savviest digital marketers like us at The Digital Marketing Mom have a clear understanding of how each marketing campaign can be tailored to bolster a business’ goals.


Depending on the objectives of your marketing strategy, we can leverage both free and paid channels to enhance engagement levels and increase leads, thereby helping you drive more customers down the purchase funnel.

Key components of a successful digital marketing campaign.

To facilitate establishing an online presence and enable consistent branding, you will first need to create a website, preferably with an interesting blog, and also open various social media accounts across different platforms.


Once these are in place, we can then focus our efforts on utilizing one or more of the following essential components to drive the success of your campaign:


Benefits of a cohesive digital strategy

Regardless of which industry you’re in or the size of your business, digital marketing is a powerful tool with which you can increase revenue and realize a better return on investment (ROI).


Unlike more traditional and offline marketing, since digital strategies are collaborative, you will be able to realize results in a far shorter period. Plus, by monitoring the outcomes, it also equips us with invaluable information of understanding when and where to tweak the strategy, which will help you expand your user base exponentially.​

What are the benefits of a robust digital marketing strategy?

  • A more lucrative mechanism – The cost-benefit ratio of employing digital strategies is much better when compared to more expensive conventional methods. In addition to reaching customers who are more likely to convert, you also save considerable financial resources, which you can then plow into other aspects of your business.


  • Content and lead generation – Creating dynamic and informative content is integral to achieving specific objectives. Through increasing the visibility and outreach of your brand and growing engagement levels, you will then be able to attract those customers who are most likely to convert.


  • Enhance conversion rates – Digital marketing sets the groundwork for better communication with both your existing and potential customers. It equips you with the tools to harness generated leads promptly, which will, in turn, increase your conversion rates significantly.


  • Utilize data and analytics – The most effective marketers are very adept at analyzing traffic information and tracking outcomes. As a result, you will gain better insights into your target audiences' preference, their buying behavior, and how you can influence it.


  • Employ digital marketing platforms – To grow brand awareness and foster better customer connections, digital marketing platforms have become indispensable. An effective digital marketing campaign will exploit these cost-effective strategies brilliantly.


  • Grow trust in your brand – When you align your business goals to customer interests, you not only enhance engagement levels but also build trust over time. Digital marketing is a powerful and convincing tool through which you can increase credibility, create brand loyalty, and thereby increase your customer base.


  • Realize a higher ROI – Based on the amount of money you invest in a digital marketing campaign, ROI metrics will give you a clear picture of how beneficial your digital strategy is. In other words, by measuring the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) of your marketing endeavor, you can tweak those aspects of your campaign that need improvements and get more mileage out of your marketing spend.


  • Bring in more revenue – The more leads you convert, the more customers go down the purchase funnel. Plus, satisfied customers will also help attract a larger user base, and in the long run, this will increase your revenue.


  • Stay steps ahead of your competition – Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a startup, when the world is your stage, the sky's the limit. With digital marketing, you have a competitive advantage and an unbridled scope of expanding your user base exponentially. From those competitors who already have a strong online presence, take a leaf out of their book and see what strategies they employ to drive their success.


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